Advertising, SEO, and Marketing Terms

All advertisements and / or listings placed on web properties owned by Collin Meida, LLC are subject to the following terms:

Advertisements and/or listings that do not meet these terms will be removed without notice, and without a refund.

Refund Policy: No refunds. There are absolutely no refunds whatsoever. All advertisements / listings are prepaid one month in advance, and will auto-renew at the end of your contracted term unless canceled at sixty (60) business days prior to to the last business day of your contracted term. 

Categories.  Only select categories that closely match the products / items / services that you are offering.  Collin Media, LLC reserves the right, at its sole discretion, to remove or re-categorize any advertisement or listing.  Users that repeatedly post or submit advertisements or listings under inappropriate categories are subject to being banned at the sole discretion of Collin Media, LLC.

Description.  Accurately describe the products / items / services that you are offering.  Duh. :-)

Content.  NO ADULT ORIENTED, SEXUALLY ORIENTED, OR GRAPHICALLY OFFENSIVE CONTENT ALLOWED except where expressly permitted — if you are advertising such content or websites or services then you must declare that your content, websites, and/or services are/have/contain adult material. All content submitted to Collin Media must be according to generally accepted standards of “good taste” and must not contain any content that may be deemed objectionable by any reasonable person or by Collin Media, LLC, according to its sole discretion.  All advertisements and/or listings must be only for products / items / services that are lawful to advertise under the laws of the State of Utah, USA.  Advertisers assume full responsibility for the contents of their advertisements and/or listings, and/or sites  and/or services and/or products.

Dealer Identification.  All licensed dealers must include their dealer number in all Advertisement or Listing placed, as required by Utah law. “Dealers” includes automobile dealers, motorcycle dealers, ATV dealers, recreational vehicle dealers, snowmobile dealers, livestock dealers, real estate agents and/or brokers, and any and all other entities labeled as such under Utah law.

Display Ads. Display ads will be displayed throughout our network as deemed appropriate by Collin Media.

Job Postings and Help Wanted . Help wanted ads are only allowed in the jobs section of any Collin Media owned or operated website.

Re-posting.  Re-posting the same or a similar advertising or listing within ten (10) business days of the last posting of a like or similar advertisement or listing is strictly prohibited.  Prior to re-posting, you must delete, or request deletion of, any existing advertisement or listing that is similar.

Number of Ads.  There is no limit on the number of ads you may place.

Classifieds – Free Stuff Category.  Ads placed in a “Free Stuff” category must be for tangible goods or services that do not require any commitment, obligation, compensation, offer of information, or other action of any type beyond basic communication and a request to receive the goods or services being offered.  If something advertised in a “Free Stuff” category requires any type of sign-up or completion of a task (other than picking up the item), prior to the item or service being delivered, then the advertiser to permanently be banned from all Collin Media, LLC services.

Businesses.  Businesses MUST identify themselves, and also must identify their ad as being offered from a business.

Contact Information.  A working local phone number is required to post.

Multiple Accounts.  Any person above the age of eighteen (18) is allowed a single account. Any business that can readily serve the Utah area is allowed a single account. Additional accounts and listings may be deleted, at the sole discretion of Collin Media, LLC.  If you or your account becomes banned, you may not create another account on any Collin Media website.

Upgrading / Downgrading a Paid Listing. Any change in a paid listing’s ad slot, whereby the monthly billing rate is affected, will have the same effect as a new ad being placed, and the old ad being canceled at the next billing cycle; therefore both ads may run simultaneously for a period of time, and payment for the new ad will begin on the date of change.

Auction Items.  You must clearly identify the ad as an auction, and also be using a licensed escrow company or reputable auctioneer (online or brick-and-mortar) to handle all auction transaction.

Advertising Network. Under the Services and based on the Campaign information provided by Customer, Collin Media will serve to users connected to the Internet and who are viewing web pages that are part of the ad network or have opted into receiving: (a) full page display Advertisements based on user search terms and URLs visited (referred to herein as “Display Advertisement(s)”), (b) TextLink Advertisements (“TextLink Advertisement(s)”) based on keywords on web pages visited by users, (c) banner Advertisements (“Banner Advertisement(s)”), and/or (d) animated, interactive or rich media advertisements (“Rich Media Advertisement(s)”).

  • Frequency of Displays.  Advertisements are served in a weighted load-balanced fashion among all advertisers, ad network web pages, and other targeting criteria. The specific frequency that Customer’s Advertisements are served is not guaranteed, and is dependent upon (a) the terms of Customer’s then-current Campaign, (b) whether other advertisers have selected the same Keyword Targets as Customer has and/or how many total ads are queued for the same Keyword Targets, (c) whether other advertisers have selected the same Geographical Area Targets as Customer has and/or how many total ads are queued for the same Geographical Area Targets, (d) the availability of ad slots that match the size (height and width) of Advertisement Artwork provided by Customer, (e) and according to other proprietary scheduling techniques and protocols. Typically, the Advertisements within a Keyword Target that have received the least number of impressions for an applicable Geographical Area Target during a given period will receive more impressions than other Advertisements until such time as the number of impressions received by each Advertisement with similar targeting criteria are near equal among all Advertisements with similar targeting criteria.
  • Labeling of Advertisements.  Advertisements will be labeled by Collin Media and/or its ad network affiliates as an Advertisement being served via the Services.  Customer must keep the label of the Advertisement in exactly the same form and format as provided by Collin Media and/or its ad network affiliates and may not modify in any way, intentionally or not, in whole or in part, such label, including but not limited to, any technical or other workarounds or systems to circumvent or otherwise bypass the label.
  • Campaign Responsibility.  Customer may request the help or involvement of Collin Media to help Customer select Keyword Targets, develop Customer’s Campaign strategy, manage Customer’s Campaign(s), or otherwise support Customer’s participation in the Services (all such services, collectively referred to herein as the “Campaign Support”).  However, Customer understands, acknowledges and agrees that (i) Collin Media is under no obligation to provide Campaign Support pursuant to this Agreement and will have no liability to Customer or to any third party for the provision of and/or any failure to provide such Campaign Support, (i) there may be additional charges for such services, and (iii) at all times Customer shall remain solely responsible for (a) the content, design and management of Customer’s Campaign(s), including, but not limited to, confirming and maintaining the accuracy and acceptability of Customer’s Campaign(s), including, but not limited to, confirming and maintaining the accuracy and acceptability of Customer’s  Campaign parameters and set-ups, (b) the selection of Customer’s Keyword Targets, (c
    Accepted File Formats. Collin Media accepts Advertisements in the following file formats: image/jpeg (.jpg or .jpeg), image/png (.png), image/gif (.gif), application/x-shockwave-flash (.swf), video/x-flv (.flv). Advertisements containing audio that automatically plays will be rejected.) Customer’s Geographical Area Targets, (d) the creation and submission of Advertisements which are in compliance with Collin Media’s requirements, the terms of this Agreement and with applicable laws, (e) the content of any destinations or items linked to Customer’s Advertisement, and (f) the process, success, content, quality and accuracy of all transactions with, or information provided to, users through Customer’s Advertisements. Collin Media reserves the right to remove Advertisements, at Collin Media’s sole discretion, that contain and/or link to objectionable content.
  • Artwork. All artwork must strictly adhere to our advertising artwork policies as outlined here.
  • Updates. Customer may submit updated artwork and/or target urls for Advertisements by opening a support ticket up to one (1) time per month. Typically updates to Advertisements are made within one (1) to two (2) business days, however Collin Media makes no guarantee that updates will be completed within a certain time frame.

No Guarantee.  There is no guarantee of profit. Collin Media, LLC will not be liable for any loss of profit, income, assets, or otherwise arising out of or related to any advertisement or listing placed on any of its directories.

Authorized Party.  For all transactions, the advertiser guarantees and warranties against all liability, charge-backs, claims of fraud, etc, that the advertiser is authorized to make any transaction that is made under his/her/their account; and is authorized to use any payment method provided, or entered into or with his/her/their account.  You are strictly prohibited from using a credit card in conjunction with your account on any Collin Media, LLC site, or for any Collin Media, LLC service unless you are an authorized signer on the credit card account with the credit card provider.  We have a ZERO fraud tolerance policy, and all attempts to defraud us, our merchant provider, or any cardholder in conjunction with this site or any Collin Media, LLC product will be prosecuted to the full extent provided by the laws of the State of Utah.

Personal Guarantee.  The advertiser personally guarantees payment for all ads placed under his/her/their account.

These terms may be updated from time to time without notice.  All ads are subject to the most recent version of these terms, even ads placed prior to any changes.  Ads not meeting the new terms, may be removed at the sole discretion of Collin Media, LLC.