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now, our nerds are your nerds.


What We Do

Laptop Repair / Desktop Repair

Any brand, any operating system.
Windows, Linux/Unix, MacOS

Virus and Spyware Removal

Enterprise-grade virus & malware protection for your entire network.

Data Recovery and Backup Plan

Let’s keep your mission-critical data safe, sound, and secure?

Network Design

Efficiently designed networks so your staff can get things done.

Cloud Services

Email, storage, and collaboration tools for high-level productivity.

Cyber Security

Enterprise-grade firewalls and network monitoring.


Professional IT Services & Technology Consulting

Our nerds speak your language and have the high-quality experience that it takes to get IT right the first time.

We ENGINEER Fully Connected Systems So You Can Focus On Your Business

Connected employees are significantly more productive at completing their day-to-day tasks, and they are more capable and ready to tackle whatever comes their way.

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What People Are Saying

Our network has been running smooth for over 5 years now, and not once did we have to stop working because of tech problems–not once. The calls just keep on rollin’ in… it never stops now.. Our poor phone reps.. they keep getting call after call after call after call… after call.. I LOVE IT!

Aiden McCarty

Call Center

… our new inventory management system is top notch, and always accurate. but even more valuable to us is how quick & easy it is to find stuff now.

Richard Grayson

Wholesale Outlet

YAY! Our printers work all the time now.. They just work. I click print, and it just prints every time. Thanks guys!!!! We love you!

Jayne Daugherty

Dental Office

Let me just say this: Technology hates me and I hate IT. We’ve just never gotten along, IT and me. Until now. Now the printer works, the scanner works, and the phones don’t make that weird buzzing sound anymore. This could be the beginning of  a beautiful relationship between IT and me. Thanks guys.

William Baxter

Small Business Office



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