Payment Terms

CollinMEDIA reserves the right to change pricing at their discretion for any additional services may be required to complete the service.

Amounts not paid within two (2) days from the date of invoice unless otherwise indicated above. A FINANCE CHARGE at the daily compounding rate of one percent (1%) of the unpaid balance will be added dail. CollinMEDIA will be entitled to an additional fee of $650.00 in the event CollinMEDIA determines it necessary to send a customer to a 3rd party collection agency. Should collection become necessary by legal suit or other means, the customer agrees to pay all cost of collection including attorney fees, court costs, including charges and collection agency fee which would be 35% of the balance assigned, with or without suit.

All returned checks will be assessed a minimum $50.00 returned check fee.
Any delinquent payments will incur a minimum $35.00 late charge per month each time payment is not made by due date.

Personal Guarantee: Financial Agreement The purchaser / customer / cardholder agrees, whether he or she signs as customer or responsible party, that in consideration of the service to be rendered to the customer, he or she hereby individually obligates himself or herself to pay the account in accordance with the regular rates and terms, should the account be referred to an attorney or collection agency, the undersigned shall pay all costs of collections, including up to a 50% collection agency fee, as well as reasonable attorney’s fees. A service charge at the at the daily compounding rate of one percent (1%) will be due on any unpaid balance.

If client cancels account or services are deactivated due to nonpayment or past due payment, a $50.00 fee will be assessed for reactivation.